• Batman vs. Superman – The Epic Battle

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    Batman vs. Superman – The epic battle

    Last year, this epic battle since the time of my childhood, came to life. From those colorful comic book series to a thriller movie in the theatre, Batman vs. Superman ignited all those childhood fandom of DC and Marvel.

    From people fighting over reviews and the movie actually not being that good, to people who loved it just for the sake of it, Batman vs. Superman made a whooping 873.3 million worth of business at the box office. A follow up to the 2013 movie Man of Steel, this movie came on to become a first live action movie to feature Batman and Superman on the same screen.

    Although the movie didn’t as much good reviews as it expected to, but nonetheless it turned out be a blockbuster hit.

    Now when you belong to a crazy fandom such as of any super hero or comic book series then you want to showcase your love through anything you can get your hands on. From action figures and actual comic books back in the days, to now uploading pictures on Facebook and Tweeting your countdown for the movie launch, fans go crazy when anything new is in sight.

    womderwoman t-shirt

    One such item that can showcase your love for this series or for just this movie is a good fitting T-shirt. After all, who wouldn’t love a t-shirt to tell the world that “I love Batman” or “I love Superman” or may be just that ultimate sophistication of the bat logo, you ask for it.

    T-shirts are a cool and fashionable piece of clothing and what makes them trendier is when you wear a T-shirt that has something on it depicting the most inn thing around that season. Like around the time of Batman vs. Superman Dawn of the Justice, wearing a T-shirt that showed Batman and Superman fighting was the coolest thing one could wear, and well even now too. If not everyone then you fellow fanatics would most definitely appreciate your clothing of choice.

    The website gives you the opportunity just to avail that and we have the right collection for all you Batman vs. Superman fanatics. With T-shirt, sweatshirts and hoodies, there is a lot more than just clothing items for you to purchase and showcase your love. From kids toys to accessories and whole lot a bunch of things. We allow you easy purchases and returns, so many different things and styles to choose from and just about anything you can become a fan of. Not just these series or movies but cartoons as well.

    Whether it is your favorite game featuring Batman and Superman, your love for Wonder Woman or new characters that made a cameo in the movie like The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, we present to you sublimated T-shirts of their respective uniforms.

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  • First Reactions To Batman V. Superman Are Very Positive

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    Sunday night, at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice had its star-studded US premiere. Those hoping to find out what their favorite film critics thought, will have to wait until the embargo is lifted on Tuesday.

    However, we do have for you a compilation of reactions from those that attended the event as well as a spoiler-free review from The Sun.

    "The intensity of the insanely long film is achieved with special effects, plot twists, geeky references and the volume being turned up to eleven from start to finish," wrote Emma Gritt of The Sun. "While die-hard DC Comic devotees might be punching the air as the Justice League are teasingly introduced, the average film fan may be left scratching their head.  Overall Zac Snyder's Batman v Superman blockbuster is an emotionally charged punch-up — but it's newcomer Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman who really steals the show."

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  • Justice League: what is the 'big plan' after Batman v Superman?

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    DC superhero movies are entering a 'golden age' and it's all leading up to the Justice League movie.

    The highly anticipated Batman vs Superman movie is on its way, but superhero fans are already turning their attention to the apex of the new DC releases: Justice League.

    Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad will kick off a "golden age" of DC superhero movies, says Den of Geek, and Wonder Woman will follow, but it is "all leading up to the Justice League movie".
    Hailed as a rival to Marvel's $1.5bn-grossing Avengers, Justice League will come in two parts, the first of which is not expected until 2017, but frenzied discussion is nevertheless already underway.

    Here's what we know so far:

    Zack Snyder will direct.  

    The action and science-fiction directing legend is best known for his work on Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He will be at the helm again for Justice League.

    The script is finished…(probably)

    Entertainment Weekly has suggested the script for Justice League: Part One is already complete and is the result of a collaboration between Snyder and Academy Award winning screenwriter Chris Terrio, who penned Argo. Describing how they plotted out the epic sage, Snyder said: "Chris would talk and I would draw it, and it was basically this weird mural of the movies with no words."

    Cavill, Affleck and Gadot likely to star

    Asked if the plot in Batman v Superman is linked to Man of Steel, Superman actor Henry Cavill revealed that "all of this stuff ties in" and "there is a big plan" for the whole DC franchise. He told Uproxx "They're not thinking from movie to movie, they're thinking from a big tent pole type thing and each story has its own story, which is attached to the major issue." Cinema Blend feels it is "pretty much impossible" that a Justice League movie would be made without Cavill involved. Ben Affleck also is expected to portray a "veteran badass" 1980s take on Batman, while Israeli Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot is tipped to appear in the Justice League movie as Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, extra-terrestrial android Brainiac is rumoured to be the main villain in the film.

    It will probably be about Doomsday

    Last month's trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was criticized for revealing too much. And one of its biggest revelations was that the film's two heroes may end up combining to fight an even greater enemy: Superman's long-time adversary Doomsday.

    According to The Daily Beast: "among the December trailer's controversial revelations is a first look at long-rumoured baddie Doomsday, a brawny, fleshy CGI adversary created when Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor spins some insidious science on the corpse of Superman's Man of Steel enemy General Zod (Michael Shannon). 'If man won't kill God, the Devil will do it,' Luthor sneers."

    The film's director, Zac Snyder, says that the decision to reveal the new villain was not taken lightly.

    "We had a long conversation about just taking ownership of that, of giving it to the audience in a controlled way that I felt was consistent with the escalation of the campaign," he said.

    So how does Batman vs Superman connect to the upcoming Justice League film? Last week, Snyder said that "In a weird way, Justice League is the next step for these characters to form a bigger team. Maybe there's a bigger enemy to fight."

    So who will this bigger enemy be? "Well, you have Doomsday, right," Snyder added. "He doesn't just crawl out of the ground. He has his own mythology, right? So that has to be explored…"

    A Green Lantern spin-off is rumored

    Green Lantern is expected to appear in the Justice League film and may play a key role. Cinema Blend says that he may also get his own spin-off film with The Flash, to be released within months of the Justice League first chapter.

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  • Marty McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprise their iconic characters from "Back To The Future" for a very special appearance on our show.


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